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Ciara announces new album ‘One Woman Army’

Since releasing back-to-back duds, 2009’s Fantasy Ride and 2010’s Basic Instinct, and parting ways with Jive, Ciara has remained relatively quiet on the music front. Last year, the “Goodies” singer inked a new deal with Epic Records, and now has announced her debut project with the label.

During a live chat with MTV to promote the comedy That’s My Boy, Ciara revealed the title  of her fifth studio album. “I’m finishing up my album. It’s called One Woman Army and you guys will be in for a treat very soon,” she told MTV News. “My new single ‘Sweat’ will be coming as well. … It’s gonna make you sweat in all kinds of ways.”

One Woman Army will serve as the follow-up to Basic Instinct, which spawned the top three hit “Ride” featuring Ludacris.

Ciara stars alongside Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy, arriving in theaters June 15.

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Daily Throwback: Jennifer Lopez – “Get Right”

Lifted as the lead single to her fourth studio album, “Get Right” is perhaps the brightest gem in Jennifer Lopez’s catalog. Produced by Rich Harrison, the man behind Amerie’s1 Thing” and Beyoncé’sCrazy in Love,”  “Get Right” is notable for its use of a horn sample from James Brown’sSoul Power ’74.” Peaking just outside the top 10 at No. 12 on the Hot 100, “Get Right” became J.Lo’s first chart-topper in Britain since 2001’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

Did You Know? “Get Right” received four nominations at the 2005 MTV Video Music AwardsBest Dance Video, Best Direction, Best Choreography, and Best Editing.

Ciara – “Basic Instinct” (Album Snippets)

Ciara will release her fourth studio album, Basic Instinct, on December 14th. The 11-track set features guest appearances from Usher and Ludacris, and exclusive production from The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. You can listen to snippets from Basic Instinct below courtesy of Amazon UK.

Preview Basic Instinct here

Sidebar: Before even listening to the snippets I began to cringe. It still bewilders me that Tricky Stewart and The-Dream are the sole producers for the album. Nothing against the two, as producers, however their work producing albums in their entirety leave a lot to be desired – hence Mariah Carey’s last chart catastrophe Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and Ciara’s Fantasy Ride.  I’ll reserve my opinion on Ciara’s Basic Instinct until it’s released in full on December 14th.

Ciara To Preform At 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Finally some good news about Ciara!  The R&B singer will perform at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards next Sunday. With the impending release of  her oft-delayed fourth studio album, Basic Instinct, this will be much needed promo. She now joins the already announced list of performers including Eminem, Justin Beiber, Drake, Pink and Linkin Park. Ciara broke the news of her performance via Twitter earlier today.

Rant: While I’m not the biggest Ciara fan, I appreciate her dancing ability and understand her “vocals” are more of an acquired taste than something to fall in love with at first listen. Alas, with the announced list of performers being drier than Betty White’s snatch circa 2000, her addition to the show is a welcomed surprise.

New Music: Ciara – “Lose My Mind” (Young Jeezy Cover)

If only Ciara put this much time and effort into her albums maybe she wouldn’t

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Ciara Talks Songwriting, The Industry and ‘Basic Instinct’

Ciara burst on the scene in 2004 and since, has seen her share of highs and lows. The talented singer/dancer will release her fourth album, Basic Instinct, in August, an album considered by many, a make or break moment in her career.  Recently, Ciara talked to UK’s Metro and discussed her new project, surviving in the industry and her songwriting.

The video for Ride has proved too saucy for daytime MTV. Does that bother you?
It’s unfortunate because I’m very proud of the video. I have to accept their decision to only show it after 9pm. I had a feeling maybe they’d want to edit some bits here and there but it definitely came as a surprise when a different channel in the US banned it outright.

What’s the single about?
It’s about riding hard for your man’s love.

In 2009, Ciara took musical risks on Fantasy Ride that did not pay off. Instead of being praised for stepping outside the box, the set was not well received and posted the lowest sales number of Ciara’s career. The Atlanta native says her new album is a return to what made fans fall in love with her music from the start.

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Ciara’s ‘Basic Instinct’ Drops In August

According to, Ciara’s fourth studio album, Basic Instinct drops August 10th 24th. The disc is available for pre-order on the site now. If the release date is concrete, it’s a good sign for Ciara and her fans. It shows that her team is confident enough in the current chart performance of ‘Ride‘ to move along with the release of Basic Instinct.

The upcoming release will feature production from Tricky Stewart and The-Dream,the duo serve as the set’s sole producers. Based on their previous work serving as sole producers of albums, i.e. Mariah Carey’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, this new set could turn out one of two ways: featuring great production and innovative songwriting or feature monotonous production and songwriting.  Only time will tell the outcome.

Are you anticipating Ciara’s new album?

Ciara Talks with DJ Envy [Interview]

Ciara stops by New York’s Power 105 and talks to DJ Envy about her career, Fantasy Ride’s album sales, cooking, Basic Instinct, her new single “Ride” and more.