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Preview: Rihanna on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’


On the next edition of Oprah’s Next Chapter, Oprah travels to Barbados to go one-on-one with Rihanna.  After winning five GRAMMYs and scoring eleven No. 1 singles, the “Birthday Cake” singer returns home to discuss her journey to becoming one of pop’s biggest stars.

RiRi previously appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010 during Harpo’s special on the Haiti earthquake relief effort, where she covered Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.”

The interview airs on August 19 at 9 p.m. on OWN. Watch the trailer below.

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Friday Foolishness: Rihanna’s Cousin Says Beyoncé Is Trying To Be Like Rihanna

While Beyoncé prepares for the birth of the chosen one and Rihanna continues to release albums like free Ramen Noodles at Save-A-Lot, Wynta Nuvo, Rihanna’s cousin, is trying to break into the industry.

The little- known singer is apparently working her debut album and wants to follow in her cousin’s footsteps and become a star. Fresh from a trip to Barbados, the 21-year-old recently completed a 7-song mixtape. “I’ve just finished making Rihanna a mix-tape of seven songs and I want to see her personally to give it to her,” she told the UK’s Daily Mail.

Wynta, who now lives in Atlanta, says she met her superstar cousin for the first time last year at the funeral of Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson. “She was digging my tattoos. I have a French prayer tattooed on my wrist. We didn’t get to chat for very long sadly as she was on the go and was holding up the whole road of traffic.

Despite being unsigned, Wynta says she’s inspired by Rihanna and hopes to collaborate with her one day. “It would be cool to do that. We would have to do a compelling new song. I’m extremely inspired by her. Beyonce is trying to be like Rihanna but Rihanna is just way more edgy and natural – she doesn’t have to try.”

For the record, this story sounds like complete bullsh-t, however the idea that anyone, let alone an alleged family member, believes Beyoncé in any way, shape, or form is trying to or wants to be Rihanna needs to be admitted into the local psychiatric ward and heavily sedated.  Two different styles, two different artists.

Sorry, Wynta. You lose.

Hot Shots: Rihanna Gets Sexy in Barbados

Rihanna knows how to party.  The “S&M” singer hit the streets of Barbados to take part in the Kadoomant Day Parade. Barbados’ tourism ambassador certainly looks like she enjoyed herself while sporting her barely-there costume.

“My home, my country, my people….BARBADOS!!! #1LOVE #SWEETfahDAYS NOTHIN’ BETTER!,” she tweeted.