Below are Montè’s credits as a contributor for Rags ‘N’ Riches Magazine.

Rags ‘N’ Riches Magazine

“Is R&B Losing its Soul?” (Style Issue 2010)

“Suicide Attempts, Statistics & Parolees”  (Culture Issue 2011)

“Success: Universally Craved, Seldom Achieved”  (2nd Anniversary Issue 2011)

“Good Music Is Out There”   (Power Issue 2011)

“Music: Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul” (Style Issue 2011)

“Mary J Blige: Coming Full-Circle” (Culture Issue 2012)

“J. Cole – ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ [Album Review]” (Culture Issue 2012)

“Jill Scott – ‘The Light of the Sun’ [Album Review]” (Culture Issue 2012)

“21: Adele’s Rise” (3rd Anniversary Issue 2012)

World According to Montè

WATM Interviews Dawn Richard (May 2011)

Sound Off

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