Rita Ora covers AMMO Magazine’s ‘Art + Music’ Issue

Roc Nation’s Rita Ora takes her cue from Andy Warhol on the cover of AMMO magazine’s second annual ‘art + music’ issue. The talented Brit, whose debut album is expected later this year, shares her love of Harlem, talks fashion, and dishes on Beyoncè, Madonna and Gwen Stefani being her inspiration.  Check out excerpts from the interview below.

On inspiration:
“I think when I was in elementary school play, I felt like music was my route, my sister was the more academic one. It’s fun, you get to be creative. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I mean and things that inspire me are people like Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, and Madonna, these women are distinctive. My mom and my family.”

On her love for Harlem:
“I love Harlem, I wish I was from there [laughs]. I love ASAP Rocky. I would like to do a tour with ASAP [and] MIA. We’ll do each other’s bits [from songs]. We’ll give each other fluorescent pens. We’ll have an art party.”

On her style:
“My style? My everyday style is quite mixed. Sometimes masculine in the day: I’ll wear a suit or big hoodie but then you wear red lipstick you can feel like a complete look. [laughs] Red carpet is more like heels in a nice dress. A powerful female outfit. I like experimenting! I can’t stop, even if there’s no room on my hand for another ring, I’ll push one back and try another one on. Especially when all the stylists bring you such fun clothes. If I can’t decide but I have to wear it I’ll bring it in bag. Not just one outfit ever.”

Read the full interview here

Cover Art by: Vince Smith
Interview by: Ashley P. Williams and Malaya Velasquez

About Monté Delorian

Monté Delorian is a freelance music journalist and the creator of WATM ONLINE. Follow him on Twitter @MonteDelorian. Email him at monte[at]

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