Daily Throwback: Jennifer Lopez – “Get Right”

Lifted as the lead single to her fourth studio album, “Get Right” is perhaps the brightest gem in Jennifer Lopez’s catalog. Produced by Rich Harrison, the man behind Amerie’s1 Thing” and Beyoncé’sCrazy in Love,”  “Get Right” is notable for its use of a horn sample from James Brown’sSoul Power ’74.” Peaking just outside the top 10 at No. 12 on the Hot 100, “Get Right” became J.Lo’s first chart-topper in Britain since 2001’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

Did You Know? “Get Right” received four nominations at the 2005 MTV Video Music AwardsBest Dance Video, Best Direction, Best Choreography, and Best Editing.


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  1. The last song she released that was remotely relevant. Oh, Jennifer.

  2. I just wanted to let the records show that this was my shit and my shot right here! There was also an Usher remix I enjoyed whenever a club/lounge/bar DeeJay decided to mix it in. This was a great year of Rich Harrison jigging! Amerie’s second album…OMG.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! This was J.Lo at her peak, when she had that sexy Latina with a hint of hood in her. Rich Harrison killed from ’03-’05 then unfortunately faded into the darkness. Amerie’s second album will always be her best –I wish she and Rich would reconnect!

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