Beyoncé Named Top-Selling Artist of the Decade by the RIAA

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has named  Beyoncé the Top-Selling Artist of the Decade.

With 64 total gold and platinum certifications including albums, digital songs, master ringtones and music videos; the 28 year-old entertainer earned the title of ‘Top-Selling Artist’.

Beyoncé By The Numbers

3 multi-platinum solo albums = 9 million copies sold in the U.S.


4 live DVD’s = 9 million sold in the U.S.

Over 20 million singles sold in the U.S.

Beyoncé’s solo success is almost unrivaled.  She’s achieved with three albums what some artist spend an entire career only hoping to accomplish. The scariest part of all this is, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the entertainer and with success like this why stop now?


About Monté Delorian

Monté Delorian is a freelance music journalist and the creator of WATM ONLINE. Follow him on Twitter @MonteDelorian. Email him at monte[at]

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